My Neurosurgeon did an endoscopic 3rd ventriculostomy and a biopsy of an intraventricular tumor. The note reads:

We opened a horseshoe shaped incision over the right convexity. This was carried down through the periosteum and a Weitlaner was placed to hold the skin flap back. We then drilled a bur hole with a 14 mm perforator. The bone edges were waxed. We opened the dura with a Bovie and then placed the flexible endoscope down into the ventricular system. We advanced down into the 3rd ventricle and there was a narrow space between the basilar artery and the clivus. We were able to advance the Bugbee wire through this and then enlarged it with a Fogarty. We were able to advance the scope down and could see clearly into the prepontine cistern and there was good flow through the 3rd ventriculostomy. We then angled our scope back into the 3rd ventricular area and could clearly see the mass. We used the Bugbee wire to coagulate through the outside of it. We then took multiple biopsies from the center of it. One was sent for frozen, the rest for permanents.

I have code 62200 for the ventriculostomy but I'm unable to locate anything for biopsy of the ventricle tumor. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Thanks so much!