Surgery Patient How would you code this? It looks like to me there are adv. flap codes and repair/ clouser codes.

Was draped in the usual sterile fashion. Once this was done, attention was directed to the ear cartilage, which at its convexities and concavities was resutured with interrupted 4-0 Mersilene. To release the tension on the wound edges, anteriorly based advancements flaps were created on the remnant portion of the ear, both anteriorly and posteriorly. Once this was done, a plastic clousure could then be performed of the skin of the anterior ear utilizing 4-0 black Ethilon on a P3 needle in spring loop knot fashion, as well as 5-0 lback Ethilon on a P3 needle. Once this was done anteriorly, a posterior closure was the performed. This gave an excellent reconstitution of the patients's ear contour and capillary refill was present o the full arch of the reconstructed helix of the ear. Once this having been determined the suture lines were cleaned, coated with bacitracin ointment, and a strip of Xeroform gauze. Cotton was soaked in bacitracin ointment and was then contoured to the antihelical sulcus int the concha of the ear and placed in these 2 areas.

This was an accident. He fainted in his bathroom fell and nearly ripped his ear off.
Would appreciate your help, km