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Thread: Help W/icd9 Chest Wall Strain

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    Red face Help W/icd9 Chest Wall Strain

    Hello everyone....I'm new to the list and someone recommended I post my message here......
    My question is....what DX would you use for chest wall strain? Some say 848.40 (b/c sternum is part of chest), some say 848.8 (for muscle in general) and then others say 726.52 (pain anterior chest wall)

    I'm leaning towards 848.40....but I just would like others opinions or suggestions. The doctor clearly states in his post DX chest wall strain

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Well, the first one I came up with was 848.40, same as you. I would code both the 848.40 and Pain Chest Wall - 786.52.

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    if the doctor specifically indicates is a 'strain' I would only go with the 848.40

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