I am looking for assistance with coding piriformis injections. We have family physician that is performing these injections using CT guidance, however they are not being supervised by a radiologist. We are not sure what codes the MD should be using and if the CT Imaging facility can bill for a technical component of the scan. The MD is placing the patient in the CT to make sure that needle placement is correct, then taking the patient out to have the injections. We believe that the MD should be billing for the Injection (64445 or 64449?), the drug(s), and the big question, can he bill with the 77011 for Needle Localization? There is confusion between the 77011 and 77012 becasue he is not a Radiologist and is not being supervised by one. Also, what can the Imaging Center bill for, if anything? We were thinking he could bill for the Technicl Component of a CT Scan, however someone else thought they could use the TC of 77011. Could someone please help us with these codes so we can insure proper billing?