Hello all,

Stumped on this one and not sure if the following E/Ms are billable or just in the global period.

The patient came in on 8/27/09 and underwent a sigmoid resection, loop ileostomy, and LT oophorectomy. Came back to the hospital 10/7 for a loop ileostomy reversal and was discharged on 10/16/09. Pt was readmitted on 10/19/09 due to an enterocutaneous fistula and stayed in the hospital until 12/2/09.

We were the admitting and discharging service. During the course of the hospital stay, they tried multiple VACs and wound care setups. She was kept NPO with octreotide injections and TPN.

Is this entire hospital stay billable or still in the postop period?????

Thanks for your help.