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Thread: Regional breast capsulotomy, bilateral.

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    Question Regional breast capsulotomy, bilateral.


    Can any one help me out to code the below mentioned procedures.

    1) Regional breast capsulotomy, bilateral.

    2) Removal intact silicone submuscular implants, bilateral.

    3) Replacement with silicone breast prosthesis in the submuscular position, bilateral.

    4) Intralesional excision of hypertrophic scar, bilateral.

    Kindly clarify whether the the above procedures can be coded with the following CPTs

    19370-50, 19328-50, 19340-50
    19730-50, 19380-50.

    Kind Regards,
    N. Mohana Prasad.

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    You would code 19340-50. You would not code the capsulotomies if this is how the approach to the implant removal was gained. There has to be 'substantial capsular work' for you to bill them separately and then you would use 19381-50. We would not bill for the scar revision.

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