I am available to work a remote position or in the NE Nebraska, SE South Dakota, or NW Iowa area.
I have quite a varied experience in the health insurance field. I have worked in Human Resources as the Benefit Liaison for the employees. I have worked for a health insurance company as a customer service representative, helping patients understanding their benefits and making sure claims were processed correctly. Next I worked for a pharmaceutical company, in their infusion services department. I was responsible for verifying insurance eligibility and benefits for our patients to make sure we could dispense their high dollar prescriptions.
Currently I process insurance payments we receive for the medical claims that get billed. My responsibilities include ensuring we are using correct charge amounts for the procedures billed, and posting the payments we receive. I must determine if insurance has paid correctly and if they have not I must issue an appeal to get the correct payment. I work with many different specialties.
I took a course in Coding through the AAPC because I felt it would greatly help me in my current position in regards to writing appeals and knowing the correct way our office should be coding for procedures. I just completed the CPC exam and passed, so I am certified. Please contact me for my resume at newmommie13@yahoo.com