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Thread: coding "S/p..." in ICD- 9

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    Question coding "S/p..." in ICD- 9

    I need some help in coding S/P for ICD-9. For example if the diagnosis has "S/P....." but is not listed in the alphabetic index, how do we code that Dx?
    For example: S/p radiation; S/p fracture (hip).

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    S/P I am assuming meaning status post. So for a status post hip fx, I am assuming then a V54.x code for healing fx as for s/p radiation, if the patient is still undergoing chemo tx then it is the active cancer code if not and there is no evidence of disease then it is a V67 for follow up. There is is no one answer here, it just depends on the reason for the encounter.

    Debra A. Mitchell, MSPH, CPC-H

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    In some cases you might be able to use a history code.

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    thanks ladies

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