I have a general question about HCPCS codes. I notice that there is a check mark that appears after some codes that says "Quantity Alert". When I review the Intro section of the HCPCS book it states that Quantity Alert codes report quantities that may not coincide with quantities available in the marketplace and that care should be taken to verify quantities in this code.

It also states that the quanitiy alert codes do not represent Medicare Unlikely Edits (MEUs) and should not be used for MEUs and that an appendix of MEUs can be found in appendix 8.

So when I look at Appendix 8 I see the list of codes w/ quantities attached to them. But am I not supposed to follow this list when it comes to Quantity Alerts because HCPCS codes with a Quantity Alert after it is exempt from this MEU list? I think I'm confusing myself