I can not decide on a code for the following op report:

We released fascia of the hamstrings and continued kind of a digital dissection. We retracted the gluteus maximus with large retractors. We did identify the sciatic nerve and freed it up from scar tissue.

There was a significant amount of scar tissue here as we carefully did blunt dissection and tried to dissect out the hamstring tendon. It was not really retracted too much, again there was just a lot of scarring around the ischial tuberosity..................Two arthrex 5.5 suture anchors were placed. Fiberwires used to pull back the hamstring tendons to the ischial tuberosity.........The fascia was reapproximated with 1 polysorb running locking sutures.......

I would like to use 27385-RT....but it states muscle not tendon..
Or 27097......but I honestly do not know.

Any suggestions would be wonderful! Thank you for your time!