Not sure how to code this. Initial procedure was done 2 years previously. Do I use 34802? Appreciate any help.

A cutdown on the right groin, dissected down to the common femoral artery. Got proximal and distal control. Then proceeded to access the femoral artery. Positioned a guidewire into the stent graft and into the right limb of the stent graft. Once this was done, documented position with arteriography. I then proceeded to place a 12 French sheath into the groin and positioned this into the stent graft. I then positioned a 14.5 x 7 mm contralateral limb into the stent graft and extended that across the leak into the right common iliac artery extending to the bifurcation of the internal and external iliac arteries. Once that was done, I did a completion arteriography demonstrating that we had seal of that endoleak and then once that was done, removed the wires and sheath and repaired the artery with #5-0 Prolene. Just prior to completion, I irrigated out the wound and then closed

Thank you