I need help with this report. It was performed by Dr. YYYYY (which is one of our IR doctors and Dr.XXXXX who is not in our practice and I can not see his reports)


INDICATION: Suspected biliary obstruction and history of cholecystectomy
with indwelling T-tube.

Through existing T-tube under sterile conditions, contrast was
administered after written informed consent was obtained. T-tube
cholangiographic images showed fairly rapid spill of contrast from the
nondilated common hepatic and common bile duct on into the duodenum
through the ampulla with reflux of contrast into the pancreatic duct

Next, a Glidewire was utilized placed through existing T-tube and this
Glidewire was used to traverse on into the small bowel through the
ampulla. Next, Kumpe catheter was inserted over the Glidewire and there
was exchange for a 450.0 cm guidewire. ET tube been removed, the
guidewire was secured to the patient's skin and the patient is placed in
the upright position for ERCP subsequently performed by Dr. XXXX. ERCP
images obtained show no evidence of filling defect to suggest a retained
stone in the common bile duct. At the conclusion of ERCP, a 10-French
5.0 cm internal plastic biliary stent was placed to allow drainage. A
sphincterotomy was also performed.

Please see Dr. XXXX's ERCP report.

IMPRESSION: Combined procedure with Dr. XXXX. The T-tube cholangiogram
was performed showing no definite stone or obstruction as suggested by
previous cholangiograms. It is therefore presumed that the degree of
obstruction seen previously was actually likely edema related.

Wire passage was performed to assist Dr. XXXX for access with ERCP.

Internal biliary stent was placed for preventive purposes.

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