I was sent this by one of my doctors, it is from the ASDIN has anyone else heard about this & if so what is your take on it?

Coding Update
A member pointed out that in the edits just released by NCCI, 35476 is listed as a column 1 code and 35475 a column 2 code with a 1 modifier. While the modifier allows the simultaneous use of the two codes provided the 35476 is in a central vessel, the order is reversed and may imply that the-59 modifier be applied to the 35475 code rather than the 35476.
I have contacted NCCI and the response was that this was very reasonable and they would take it to committee and get back to us. It will be several weeks and in the meantime it is our advice that you follow the ASDIN coding manual strictly. We will send out another e-mail when we have the response from NCCI
Donald Schon, MD, FACP
Co-Chair, ASDIN Coding Committee