Hello Everyone,

I am new to coding in ASC facilities. I was wondering when the same provider performed the stereotactic needle placement for lesion identification, vacuum assisted breast biopsy, metallic clip placement, and radiological review of the surgical specimen, would you code the following:


The code for the metallic clip placement is bundled into 19290 per CCI edits. I've noticed on the ASC fee schedule the 77031, 19290, and 76098 are not reimbursable. They are considered packaged.

I was wondering if the above code selection is correct. Could the possible correct way be 19103 and 19295? Despite CCI doesn't hit for 19290 and 19103, could 19290 be bundled into 19103? If that is the case, what happens when you are coding for professional services and two different providers perform the needle localization and another the biopsy?

Thank you all for your help.

Respectfully Yours,

Kevin P. Honig, CPC