My general surgeon performed a diagnostic laparoscopic pelvic abscess drainage as well as decompression of right hydrosalpinx.

OP Note

Abdomen was prepped and draoped in usual sterile fashion. A 5 mm supraumbilical incision was created and a veress needle inserted for adequate CO2 insufflation to achieved pneumoperitoneum. A 5 mm 30 degree video laparoscope was inserted. Upon entering the abdomen, was noted a large pelvic abscess that occupied the right side of the pelvis. The sigmoid colon was adherent anteriorly in the midline and the percutaneously placed drain was visualized and noted to be within the abscess cavity over the abscess, had ruptured and a large amount of purulent fluid was noted throughout the abdomen. Abdomen was irrigated until clear. Appendix and colon both were visualized and appeared to be normal. The right ovary appeared swollen. This was subsequently opened with a harmonic scalpel to make a small rent the medical aspect.

Would I use CPT code 49323 for the pelvic abscess? What about the decompression of the right hydrosalpinx? Not sure where I should go for this one.

Thanks for your help!