Hi,I have 3 new questions ?
1.Is there a code for ANAL SWAB (in general)?
2.Does initial Preventative Visit needs ROS?
3.If 99401 (15mins. counseling code) can be billed with 99213 (Est.Visit)
CC: The patient is interested in post-exposure prophylaxis because he is unsure
of his partner of telling the truth that is HIV negative.Pt.elects to begin meds,denies bleeding gums,etc.
EXAM;Well developed,pleasant and well nourished;
PLAN;Start Reyatax and in 6-8 weeks will come for STI sCREENING
And the provider put a notation COUNSELING 15 mins.and coded level 3 (99213)
Can I go with both CPT CODES?
THANKS again.