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Thread: Fluorescein eye stain

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    Default Fluorescein eye stain

    Is there a cpt code for using the fluorescen stain and viewing the eye with a Woods Lamp?
    Sherry Sandvig
    Office Manager
    Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Batayola

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    Wink Fluorescein Stain

    I have been searching for the same answer myself. The only thing I can find is in an AAFP document dates April 2001.

    The answer is No, it's considered part of the E/M code.


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    Default Sandi,CPC

    i work for a Peds office , Can we charge for the Flourescein eyedrops? Ive researched before and I thought it was included in the E/M? My Physcians are asking again if I can code for it. I cant find it anywhere to code? Help!

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