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Thread: Takken the CPC exam? How many passed the 1st try?

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    Default What % do you need to pass?

    I just took the exam on Saturday, 02/25/2012. I have 7 years of experience and took the remote coding course. I didn't feel that the test was harder than I thought it would be but it was not easy, either. It was a far cry from what I am used to doing since we work with EMR and the majority of the coding is done electronically. Anyway, I tend to worry too much so I probably did fine but I am curious what % is passing or how many you can get wrong.

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    70% is the lowest passing grade for the CPC exam. Good luck to you!!
    Leandra Tufts, CPC, CEMC, COBGC

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    I passed the first time. It was hard but multiple choice certainly helps.

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    I passed the first time and did much better than I could have even thought. I found that if you take the meyers mock exam beforehand it really helps alot but make sure you go over your wrong answers so you know the correct ones.

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    I passed the first time. I have 6+ years of experience and took the AAPC Online Coding Course.

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    Default CPC exam

    I was fortunate to pass on the first try, but only after taking both an introductory course and an advanced (exam prep) course. Also a lot of time studying at home.

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    Now I am wondering if I should take the exam right away? How does one get a job in coding when you don't have any experience? Everything I am seeing for job postings require at least 2 years experience, so I figured I should take the exam and pass that so I have something to show at an interview, if I am lucky enough to get one.

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    Smile Cindy, CPC

    I passed the 1st time. Just try & relax, I think that is what gets most test takers. They are so over whelmed thinking about the clock they forget to just focus on the materail at hand. Gookluck

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    i passed on 1 st attempt with 72 %
    time management is challenge

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    i pass my cpc at 1st time with no problem but it was very tricky

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