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Thread: Takken the CPC exam? How many passed the 1st try?

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    Default Took exam 4/21/12--waiting

    It's only been a couple of days, and truly don't know how I did....ran a little behind on time (my fault) so I hope that won't blow out of the water...good luck everyone

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    Yes I passed the first time back in 2003, they did not give us our scores back then.
    Jenifer McPolin CPC, CPMA, RCC

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    Default Re: CPC exam

    I also took the CPC exam on 4/21/12. I finished the exam within 15 minutes before time was up. Still waiting also on results. Wishing you luck.

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    Default 2 tries for me!

    The first time I took it I got a 69................second time I got 75!
    I have no medical background so I think that kept me from not passing the first time, but it is such a good feeling when you get the score and have passed..........good luck!

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    Default CPC exam

    I passed the exam in first time itself without any issues....

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    Smile CPC Certification Exam

    Hello, I must say the exam was no joke. I have been in billing forover 10 years and I thought I was coding. I was familiar with using the codes however, there is a big difference when it comes down to understanding the specific quidelines according to the services provided. I took a 14 week course with 11 others and only 4 walked away with a passing grade. I was prepared for the retake if I had to. I did pass the first time around and i did not finish. I'm not sure how the test is graded , some questions require more thought than others. Some skipped around and then came back, me I just went one by one. I found the questions at the end to be easier than the rest. I am glad I passed the first time around and I wish all who are in the process of preparing for the exam the best of luck, to those who did not pass the first time don't give up. Now I have to decide where I want to go with my certification. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!

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    I took it 2 days after I graduated with an Associates of Applied Science in Medical Billing and Coding and I failed. I took it again a month later and passed. The first time I got a 61 the second time I got a 71. I was discouraged after spending 18 months and lots of money but I finally passed, I just can't find a job. Good luck, you should know by Thursday at the latest. I thought it was a hard test both times.

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    Smile Lorrainbow

    I passed the first time but it was very hard.I am still looking for an internship or work.

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    Default cpc exam

    I passed on my first try.

    Good Luck.

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