I'm using a free tiral of EncoderPro.com Expert and was wondering about the ICD9 cross codes. Does this mean if your DX isn't listed you can't use the CPT code? Is it reliable?

The dr is trying to use 29999 but I'm trying to find a code that fits and I thought I found one, but the dx's listed don't match up to the procedure.

DX: 845.00 ankle sprain, 718.87 ankle instability, 729.91 Exostosis of unspec site

...Once the diagnostic arthroscopy was completed, shaveer was introduced into the ankle joint itself and extensive debridement and synovectomy was carried out to the ankle joint, removing the impingement lesion identified in the anterolateral, anterior, anteromedial aspect of ankle joint itself. Synovectomy performed ot the syndesmosis as well. Once found to be stable, a motorized bur was placed within the joint space itself. This exostosis of the patient's anterolateral tibia was removed without complication, was found to be stable, the scope was then retrieved. The portals were closed...

The doc wanted to use 29898, 29895-59 and 29999-59

I'm thinking it should be 29891 and 29898-59

Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!