Have an op report would like some input.
After informed consent , the patient was brought to the OR and placed in the supine positionon the operating roomtable where anesthesia was obtained. The left upper extremety was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion with a well padded tourniquet on the left upper arm. An incision was made dorsally over the area of the dislocation, through which sharpand blunt dissection was made to dissect down to the joint itself. This was reduced under direct vision and the collateral ligament was noted to be torn. It was reconstructed using local tissue and 3-0 Ethibond sutures to a very stable repair. The extensor tendon was also noted to be ruptured. This was repaired using 0 Ethibond suture and was noted to have good motion and stability after repair. Wounds were irrigated.....

I coded this 26705 (reduction of mcpj dislocation)
26542 (reconstruction of collateral lig w/local tissue)
26418 ( repair extensor tendon)

physician coded 26542, 26418