I need some insight on the following:

Patient was admitted to the hospital on 1/16/2010.
Please -- I really need an answer on this -- Anyone?

The first day here 1/16/2010 the hospital had Medicaid as the insurance. Hospice was requested and on 1/17/2010 the doctor did a discharge from regular admit to a new H&P for admission under Hospice.

The hospital did not bill Medicaid for the admission, they billed Hospice -- now Medicaid is not going to pay. I need some input on what I should do with the billing for 1/17/2010 even though the doctor did an H&P and a discharge summary.

Do I bill 1/17/2010 as a subsequent with the GV modifier? (99232-GV) or do I bill another admit with the modifier: 99223-GV?

Thanks in advance for your help.