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Thread: Core decompression hip

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    Default Core decompression hip

    Hey guys!!! Happy Friday!!

    What are people using for a CPT code for core decompression of the hip? I thought they added a CPT code for this a couple of years ago. I cannot find it - my eyes are blurry.



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    I am not aware of any codes for the core decompression. I've been using the unlisted code (27299).

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    The most recent Orthopedic Coding Alert also suggests using 27299. There is a HCPCS code for it...S2325, but this not covered by Medicare according to the article.

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    Default Core decompression hip

    Thanks Rebecca and KHopstein - appreciate the help!!

    Doc wanted to use 27071 - and I agreed with you guys -

    Thanks again - Denise

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