My supervisor is asking us to try and find out some info on these modifiers. I am afraid that they are heading into dangerous territory so any feedback will be appreciated (good or bad). The problem seems to be the edits coming back on the health maintenance visits. They now want to put -25 on the preventative E&M and a -59 on the G code (pap). It all sounds a litttle sketchy to me. I thought that I heard somewhere that you can't use a -25 on preventative visit codes. Is that incorrect? What about a patient that comes in for a physical and also has a pap? Is it automatically two codes? And what about the-59. Wouldn't using that just be a way to get around the edits, which is one of the biggest no-no's right now, especially with the -59. Does anyone have any info or resources for additional info about using these modifiers? What about a patient that comes in for a physical, also has a pap, and hurt her elbow. What would be the correct usage of modifiers in a case like that? I am just trying to come up with different scenerios using those two particular modifiers. Please, I could really use some info on this and I would welcome and appreciate anyone elses opinion. Thanks