I'm not sure how to code the following:

Operation: Exam under anesthesia, rigid proctoscopy, oversewing of a mucosal tear, oversewing of hemorrhoidal column

Procedure: The gluteal cleft was spread in the taped-open position and the patient underwent a standard prep. Digital rectal exam revealed no evidence of palpable abnormalities. There was frank blook within the rectal vault.

When this was completed, anoscopy was performed. There was noted to be complete separation of the mucosa and the patient's right lateral hemorrhoidal column and active arterial bleeding during this procedure. There was noted to be a small tear at the posterior midline of the mucosa due to stretch to allow for visualization. A chromic suture was utilized to oversew this defect in the right lateral mucosa, directly incorporating the active bleeding in the locking manner. When this was completed, the rectal canal was irrigated. there was a Raytec placed in the rectal vault with a silk suture. there was no further blood within this area. The posterior mucosal tear was oversewn with two different chromic stitches in a locking fasion. Reinspection of the anal canal and vault was performed. there was not masses. Normal palpable musculature of sphincter muscles and they were clearly free from the mucosal closure.

Direct proctoscopy was performed, including deep irrigation and suction after removal of the Raytec and there was no evidence of bleeding coming from a higher source.

I have the codes for the exam under anesthesia and the rigid proctoscopy but I am having trouble finding the correct codes for the oversewing of the mucosal tear and oversewing of hemorrhoidal column.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.