If anyone is willing to review this op note and advise me on coding this please do so

I believe it should be coded 29881, 29879, 29876 and 20680

Op Note:

operative portion of the arthroscopy ..chondroplasty performed of medial compartment as well as a microfracture of the chondral defect in the medial femoral condyle. The tibial plateau was also made smooth with the shaver on reverse burr mode. The notch was inspected and excess ligamentous debris was removed. A partial lateral meniscectomy was carried out. Chondroplasty was performed at the lateral tibial plateau...patellofemoral compartment was debrided as well as extensive synovitic synovitis throughout all 3 compartments..portal sites closed. The extremity was exsanguinated with an Esmarch bandage, the tourniquet insufflated to 325 mmHg. The prior incision was utilized on the inferior and the plate identified on the lateral proximal tibial. The screws were all removed from the distal portion of the plate. The proximal screws were removed through percutaneous poke holes. The plate was then passed from the field...

I am a new Ortho coder and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!