Woud it be appropriate to bill both 76770 and 93975???

INDICATION: Uncontrolled hypertension


TECHNIQUE: Standard radiographic evaluation of the renal arterial vasculature and aorta was performed utilizing a curved transducer with acquisition of duplex doppler and color flow images. Kidneays themselves were also evaluated.

FINDINGS: The study was somewhat technically difficult due to inability to appropriately hold breath for doppler evaluation; however, kidneys are oted to be normal i size and contour with the right measuring 12.0 cm in greatest pole-to-pole diameter. There is noted trace amount of fluid within the bilateral upper pole collecting systems without clear evidence for frank hydronephrnosis, nephrolithiasiss, nor perinephric fluid. There are normal velocities within the bilateral proximal, mid and distal aspects of rental arteries as well as at the level of hila. Normal renal to aorticc ratios identified witj aortic velocity being normal. No evidence for abdominal aortic aneursym with proximal AP dimension of 1.9 cm, mid-diameter of 1.4 cm and distal diameter of 1.2 cm. Normal caliber of common iliac artery. Normal resistive renal arteries with normal end- diastolic ratios.

IMPRESSION: Somewhat technically suboptimal study without eveidence for renal artery stenosis.