Local anesthesic induced to numb the tissue overlying the right femoral artery. Access was attempted percutaneously and was inserted in the native external iliac. We removed the large bore needle and had to resect to get into the graft. Once in the graft, there was immediate return of pulsatile blood, a .035 glidewire was inserted through the needle and the needle was withdrawn. A small stab incision was created with #11 blade. A 5-French sheath was then inserted over the glidewire and arterial blood was withdrawn and it was flushed. A 5-French Cordis pigtail catheter was inserted into the aorta and contrast was injected. The patient was found to have bilateral femoral popliteal, and three vessel runoff thereafter. On an oblique view there was 80% stenosis in the proximal anastamosis. The pigtail was removed and the sheath was retained. The patient tolerated the procedure well and will have this sheath removed in cardiac day. No complications.

Secondly, does anyone have recommendations for a good vascular surgery seminar or workshop?