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Thread: White Coat Syndrome

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    Question White Coat Syndrome

    Is there a dx code for "White Coat Syndrome"? "White-coat syndrome" refers to the situation in which the blood pressure measured in a physician's office is consistently higher than when the patient measures it at home or at work.
    Julianne Sheetz, CPC

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    There is also an entry in my ICD-9 book that states:

    Layman's: 796.2 is the appropriate code to submit for "white coat hypertension"

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    I think 796.2.

    Be'coz as per details given by you, physician not mentioned Hypertension as a Dx. So as per ICD coding guidelines we've to code for high BP reading.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the info!
    Julianne Sheetz, CPC

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