I want to bill the following with cpt's 30520 & 30130 & maybe even 30400 for the nasal rasp? but im not sure about cpt 30400?

the patient first had the deviated nasal spur removed as well as parts of the vomer. Once this was completed then the patient had through the Killian incision, a complete resection of the most deviated septum after releasing if on the left and right mucoperichondral flasp. The perichondrial flaps were then sutured back in place with multiple sutures 3-0 prolene. The patient then had the overhanging bony wing of the turbinate bilaterally resected and the remaning excessive mucosa was cauterized. The patient to prevent any compromise of the nose had a relative ozonia, which is narrowing the structural vault and out fracturing of the medial sinus wall bilaterally. The patient haed immediate packing of the nose at this point, closure of the transmembranous and triangular incision, and a nasal rasp of the dorsum. the patient at this point then had plastic cast placed in the dorsum and a drip pad was placed below.