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Thread: Hemoperinoteum Laparoscopic Evacuation

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    Default Hemoperinoteum Laparoscopic Evacuation

    The patient presented to the ER with an etopic pregnancy. The doctor performed larparoscopic evacuation intraperiontenal hemorrhage & then proceded to remove tubal etopic pregnancy. Should you code to 568.81 ICD9 & CPT 4920 for the evacuation & 59151 for the removal of the etopic pregnancy? Thank you for your quick response.

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    you can't bill 49320 with 59151 they are inclusive. I would just bill the 59151 with dx 633.10. I think the evacuation of the hemoperitoneum is just part of the procedure.

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    You should not report a diagnostic laparoscopy (49320) in addition to the laparoscopic treatment of an ectopic pregnancy. See the definition for "separate procedure" in CPT. I would only code 59151/633.10.
    Lisa Bledsoe, CPC, CPMA

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