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Thread: L3908 w/ RT LT Modifier

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    Default L3908 w/ RT LT Modifier

    Ingenix encoder does not list the RT LT modifier. dx is carpal tunnel so wouldn't using these modifiers be correct?

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    Appending LT and RT modifiers to HCPCS code L3908 does not seem appropriate, as the modifiers are generally reported to represent procedures and other services such as x-rays. If two of these items were dispensed, I would recommend reporting it at 2 units.

    Bill Hale, CPC

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    I always have to put rt, lt on L3908. If it is not there it gets denied and sent back stating missing mod. I have tried putting 2 units on claim and that is also denied.

    The guidelines may say otherwise but my payors require it to be on the claim

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    PLAIDMAN: Which payers deny the claims without the rt/lt modifier?

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