I had a patient in the hospital as a inpatient from 3/13/10-3/17/10. Patient was discharge on 3/17 and went to a swing bed. Patient was not seen again until 3/19/10 in the swing bed status.
So my issue is on the 3/17's discharge from inpatient I have no notes from any provider actually rounding on them. No discharge from inpatient nor admit to swing bed for dos 3/17/10. Patient was discharged on 3/20/10 from the swingbed.
HIM from the hospital states the inpatient does not require a discharge when the patient goes to a swing bed it only requires the discharge from the swing on 3/20/2010.
So basically what I have right now are follow up charges for 3/14-3/16 for inpatient and a for the swing bed dos 3/17-/3/20 I have a 99308 for 3/19and a 99315 for 3/20/2010.
So I wouldn't charge out anything for the Inpatient discharge? Very confused!!