OP note reads:

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Right shoulder loose bodies.

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Right shoulder loose bodies.

OPERATION: Scope, debridement, an loose body excision grafting, humeral head.


FLUIDS: Approximately 2 liters.


PROCEDURE IN DETAIL: The patient was brought to the operating room and the right shoulder was prepped and draped in usual fashion. The scope was entered atraumatically, immediately seen was numerous loose bodies as removed in the subscapularis fossa. No pieces or loose bodies were excised through an anterior portal. There was mild-to-moderate arthritic changes actually. Minimal provisional debridement was done with scope and then there was a large roughly a centimeter in the humeral head defect anteriorly plug grafting to advance subscapularis portal by looking back from a 70 degree scope and the defect was visualized and OATS harvester was used to create 19 mm length graft was harvested to the OBI side. A 9-mm bed 10-mm graft was placed to get purchase. The portals were closed with #3-0 Prolene. Sterile dressings were placed. The patient went to the recovery room in satisfactory condition. No complications were encountered.

Doc has coded 29867, 29826, 29824, 29819. I believe it should be coded as 29822, 29999 (using 29867 as comparable code).

Thank you.