I have a progress note where the clinician removed 5 Lesions. None required a full thickness removal requiring sutures.

1) "Shave excision" - Scalp (Lesion Size Approx 2.2cm)
2) "Sharp Dissection" - Neck (Lesion Size Approx 5 mm)
3) "Sharp Dissection" - L Back (Lesion Size Approx 8 mm)
4) "Sharp Dissection" - Mid Back (Lesion Size Approx 6 mm)
5) "Sharp Dissection" - R Back (Lesion Size Approx 1 CM)
Patient was given local anesthetic and bleeding was controlled with AICI

How would you code for these removals? Path report came back R Head Intradermal Nevus, The rest Compound Nevi. I am looking at the 11300 - 11313 Code set for Shaving of Epidermal or Dermal Lesions based on the size and location of each.