I am looking for any guidance for on coding the following scenario:
Surgeon states his procedure is " Incision and drainage with washout of left partial hip arthroplasty with application of wound VAC." Pt had a hemiarthroplasty for a hip fracture done 3 weeks prior to this procedure. In the body of the op note the surgeon opened the previous incision and encountered a fluid pocket that continued all of the leg down to the hip prosthesis. He removed remaining Vicryls and sent samples to the lab for cultures. he continued down and dislocated the hip and used a large curette to curette the inside part of the acetabulum and removed non-healthy tissue. he then irrigated the entire wound with saline w/antibiotics, relocated the head and then began the closure.

I say this is more extensive than the 10180, but another coder in our office is stating that it is a post-operative infection and you can only bill the 10180.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.