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Thread: US Aorta & Duplex scan of aorta

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    Default US Aorta & Duplex scan of aorta

    Techinique:Utilizing the curvilinear broadband multifrequency trasducer,longitudinal and short axis imaging of the abdominal aorta were obtained utilizing gray scale imgaing, color doppler imaging, and spectral analysis
    Aorta:anerysmal dilatation:xx
    maximal AP diameter:xx
    maximal transverse diameter:xx
    clot formaiton:xx
    surrounding soft tissue:xx
    surrounding fluid:xx
    other finding:xx
    other comment:xx

    I was thinking CPT code 76775 and 93979 because CPT book says evaluation fo vascular structrues using both color and spectral doppler is separately reportable. I am not 100% sure. Please help me.

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    yes it is, and you have to append the modifier 59 -93979, in order to get your
    Please see firt your Dx to justify correctly your coding.

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