I need help! I have no ideas here
Clinical history: 72-year-old male with a thoracic osteophyte
compressing the spinal cord. Referring neurosurgeon Dr.XXX
requested needle localization of T8 to assist in surgical planning
for decompression.

Findings:Left percutaneous needle placement at the junction of the
left transverse process and lamina at the level of the upper left
pedicle of T8 under fluoroscopic guidance with a platinum coil placed
at this location confirmed radiographically. CT scan performed for
surgical planning to follow.

Impression: Left percutaneous needle localization and platinum coil
placement at the T8 vertebrae as described above

Operation No. 1: Left percutaneous needle placement posterior T8
Operation No. 2: Placement of localization coil

Description of procedure:
The patient was taken into the angiography suite in lain prone on the
table and sterilely prepped over the thoracic spine. Using lidocaine
anesthesia and fluoroscopic guidance an 18 gauge spinal needle was
placed under fluoroscopic guidance at the upper left T8 pedicle
level. Through this a 5-mm 0.01" platinum coil was placed at this
location and fluoroscopically confirmed.

I have never seen this type of case, my Dr coded:37799 and 77002

Any thoughts or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Portland, OR