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Thread: repair of bladder laceration

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    Default repair of bladder laceration

    What CPT code is used for repair of bladder laceration during a hysterectomy?

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    Default How did the laceration happen?

    How did the laceration happen?

    If the surgeon performing the hysterectomy lacerated the bladder in the course of the surgery I would NOT code for the repair. (You "break" it, you fix it.)

    F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC

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    Thanks for your input I didn't think it was right of him to try and charge for that.

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    I agree my docs have done this before and we don't charge for it.

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    Default bladder repair

    The patient was undergoing a cesarean section for twins. During the course of the procedure, a bladder laceration was notices and urology was consulted. Findings were a laceration on the dome of the bladder.

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    This is the case I am looking at right now. Our urologist was called in to correct a bladder wound made by another surgeon. Can we bill for this since it was our surgery originally? What code would you say to use for robotic bladder repair if so?

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    Ahh, if it's robotic, you'll use an unlisted code because there are no codes for laparoscopic bladder repairs.

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