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Thread: 835 Healthcare Policy Identification Segment

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    Default 835 Healthcare Policy Identification Segment

    I have a claim that denied for not deemed medically necessary, and to refer to 835 Healthcare Policy Identification Segment. I have never seen one of these before. Does anyone know what it means? Doc removed 2 lesions, one on each eyelid. Used 216.1, 11442 LT and 11441 RT.

    I appreciate any info...

    Vickie Mounce

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    We have been wondering the same thing. Has anyone else encountered this mysterious denial? Upon researching it looks as though it is the name of a list of denial codes, but I can't seem to find any other information.

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    Default Mysterious denial

    " Refer to the 835 REF Segment: Healthcare Policy Identification, if pr"

    It seems that the denial explanation its truncated and we don't see the whole explanation. ...... I think that is what they want to say ....not medically necessary???? I thought that you can say that when behind your last name you write M.D. Who determines that?

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