A very big THANKS to Reed Pew for all he has done for AAPC! I believe we would not be where we are today if it had not been for his leadership skills and vision. AAPC is a very well respected organization of professionals, and one I am very proud to be associated with. Thank you Mr. Pew and I am sure all 90,000 members join me in wishing you the very best in your new position!

Now for a very big CONGRATULATIONS to Deborah Grider! I feel confident you will continue the course Mr. Pew has set us on and we will only improve as we grow!

July 1 will bring big changes but as a member, past local chapter officer and a member of the AAPCCA, I am excited about the future of coding and our AAPC!

Thanks to both Mr. Pew and Ms. Grider for everything!