I have a pediatric provider in our practice that will charge a 99215 for just about every ADD or ADHD med rechecks for children under 18 years old. Face-to-Face time: 10-15 minutes. These patients come in at least 4 times a year or more. (The other providers usually charge a 99213).

Does anyone know what is pertinant for the Review of Systems and Exam for an ADHD patient that is doing good or improving. He does a complete history, complete ROS and complete Exam of every organ system every time the patient comes in.

I have tried to do some research on the internet and coding books, but can't come up with any guidelines. Some articles state that if it is a medication refill it should be 90862 (medication management) and some state the exam should only include constituitional for weight gain/loss, neurologic, and psychiatric.

Any comments or documentation supporting this either way would be appreciated.