Patient had predislocation syndrome and multiple procedures were performed to fix it.
2nd toe PIPJ fusion (28285)
Capsulotomy 2nd MPJ (28270)

Flexor tendon transfer " this time the flexor tendon transfer was then completed suturing the adjacent ends of the flexor digitorium longus dorsally at the proximal phalanx using 2-0 fiber wire. ? 28313 ?

2nd MPJ plantar plate repair "...with evidence of plantar plate rupture...Blunt dissection was then performed down to the level of the second metatarsophalangeal joint where the plantar plate was identified and noted to be significantly attenuated. The structure was then repaird using 3-0 vicryl" ? I have no clue ? Would this "procedure" be incidenatal to the successful outcome of the procedure (even though it is through a different incision)?