My doc did a lap chole with IOC and an attempted but unsuccessful lap CBD exploration. It is this part of OP note I am not sure what to do with.

"Several attempts at flushing the cholangiogram catheter with saline were performed. We repeated our cholangiogram cather and saw again the distal CBD, but unfortunately, a posterior wall ductotomy was inadvertently created and were unable to pass the Pruitt catheter to the CBD du to the ductotomy. Pruit catheter was removed and a clip over the cystic duct where the ductotomy was created and then used an endo close device to ensure posterior ductotomy was closed in the cystic duct.

After this stated, then started talking about dissecting free the gallbladder and no other complications were noted.

What correct CPT code would I use? Do I bill 47610-53 and then 47563 (Lap chole with IOC) for the completed service or just bill out 47563? (which is what the doc wrote on his card). Also do I include the 998.2 ICD 9 code with the cholecystitis code or leave that out? Is the repair inclusive with this procedure?

Thanks for your help!