The patient has a personal history of breast cancer, s/p breast reconstruction surgery with insertion of tissue expander. The patient developed a displacement of the t.e. and was brought in for revision of left breast tissue expander reconstruction.

During the procedure, the provider performed and incision and drainage of a postoperative seroma. The tissue expander was then removed and placed in a bacitracin bath. Examination revealed were no other signs of complications, or that of infection or necrotic tissue. The wound was irrigated and then a drain was placed via a seperate stab incision. After this, the TE was reinserted and the tags were sutured to the chest wall. Then the paraprosthetic capsule, subcutaneous tissue, and skin were closed.

Based on the documentation I feel the following codes would be correct:

19380-LT with DX 996.54, E879.8, V10.3
10180 with DX 998.13, E879.8, V10.3

Per NCCI edits, both these codes do not produce an edit. I do have feelings of uncertainty with the 19380 assignment. What is everyone else's thoughts? Thank you.