I know the code for a palpable breast mass excision is 19120 but what is the code for a non-palpable breast mass excision???

the OP states...

The patient placed supine on the operating table and received intervenous sedation. Ultrasound was performed with identification of the left 2 o'clock mass 3 cm from the nipple.

An #18 gauge needle was placed through this lesion. The deeper nonpalpable lesion located at 2 o'clock was also located with ultrasound and a #18 gauge needle was placed through it. Finally, the 4 o'clock lesion at the lateral edge of breast was identified, and a #18 gauge needle was placed through it. Photos were documented of all the localizations and are in the patient's chart. Her left breast was prepped and draped as a wide sterile field. Her central breast was anesthetized with a 50:50 mixture of 1% lidocaine with 0.5% Marcaine, a superior periareolar incision was made with elliptical excision of the medial skin between the existing scar at 10 o'clock and the true areolar border.

help please!!! also, no mention of any pre-op markers either!!