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Thread: Fiberglass material new cpt code

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    please help, I am looking for new code A4590 fiberglass material. this procedure was deleted September 31, 2001. does any one know a new code for fiberglass material

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    A4590 is still valid. It's in the 2010 HCPCS book listed as..."Special casting material (e.g. fiberglass)"

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    Look at Q4038 this is for an adult, if a child under the age of 11 try Q4040 then bill appropiate units, if 2 rolls are used bill 2 units etc. This is the codes for a short leg cast, if it is a splint there are other codes for that. We use the Q codes for all insurances except for Missouri Medicaid that only takes the A4590. They usually reimburse better

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