I have a friend asking me some questions on Oral Maxillofacial billing and coding and I've told her quite honestly it is beyond my comfort zone to answer her with any amount of authority on the subject. So I'm asking anyone out there who has experience with this for some help please!!!

Her questions to me are as follows:

1) Verify the correct codes for billing for Anesthesia/Sedation for majority of Oral Maxillofacial Procedures are:
a. 00170 & 00172
b. 00174
c. 00176
d. D9220 &D9221
e. D9241 & D9242

2) Does the Surgeon have the ability to bill for all of the above codes? Do the above codes cover a majority of the procedures that OMF Surgeons perform?

3) CMS guidelines state that anesthesia/sedation during an OMFS procedure is inherently included correct? Also, some private Health Plans allow for the sedation/anesthesia to be billed separately, about what percentage of plans allow for this?

Really really appreciate any help anyone can offer even if it's only to answer one of the questions!!!