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Thread: Injection code 20552

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    Default Injection code 20552

    I am having trouble getting medicare to pay claims for the code 20552. Most of the injections are done in the low back area for low back pain. I am submitting the claims with the diagnosis code 724.2, which medicare is denying. I'm not sure what other icd-9 code to use.

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    Have you checked with your local LMRP/LCD? 724.2 is not payable for this procedure for our locality.

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    Under our locality, Medicare doesn't cover 724.2. If you check the LCD under Medicare's website for 20552 it will list the diagnosis codes that are considered medically necessary for 20552.

    I hope this helps, good luck!

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    That is a HUGE help and answers my question. Thank you so very much.

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