Hello All,

patient asked that vaginal polyp be removed. We agreed to consider this. On vaginal exam, the patient had a significant tear of the vagina, which resulted in a large exophytic area of tissue. If I had excised the tissue only, she still would have had a mass bulging out of the vagina; it required me to excise the torn area and then make an incision-all on the left side-on the right side to reapproximate the tissue in a standard manner. This, however, took longer than expected-approx 20 minutes to complete.

I used 3-0 Vicryl to close the vaginal mucosa and the rebuild the perineal body. The perineal body was closed in a standard manner and subuticular was used to close the skin. Bipolar cautery to acquire hemostasis and 1% lidocaine was injected.

Complications: Large tear in vaginal wall had healed in the large exophytic tissue.

Path Sent: came back as Vaginal Polyp

I'm confused w/ this one....any thoughts???